About Hyper

In 2006, Hyper Badminton Club ('Hyper') was founded by Coach Sampson, in the pursuit of helping children and teenagers to realize their potential as high performance badminton players, and at the same time having fun.

Coach Sampson graduated from the University of Hong Kong with a B. Ed. Degree in Physical Education and Sports Science. He is also a qualified teacher, graduated from the Hong Kong Institute of Education. Before setting up Hyper, Coach Sampson had been a P.E. teacher at day schools. He now coaches badminton teams at schools and has produced many good badminton athletes who have obtained good results at interschools competitions and Opens. Some of these athletes, after graduation have continued to stay on and help Coach Sampson assist the Hyper members.

Hyper's Objective

Hyper is committed to help members improve their badminton techniques, body co-ordination and strength via different styles of badminton basic techniques. Through continuous training and competition participations, members will establish selfconfidence and teamwork.

Coach Profile


  • Coaching Certificate, Hong Kong Badminton Association
  • Teachers' Certificate (Physical Education), Hong Kong Institute of Education
  • Physical Education and Sports Science, B.Ed., University of Hong Kong

Past Experience

  • Assistant Coach of Youth Squad
  • Coach of Primary Boys (Badminton), Schools Interport Championships
  • Examiner of Gold, Silver and Bronze Award Assessment in Bank of China Hong Kong Badminton (Awards) Training Scheme
  • Coach of Women Badminton Team (Eastern District) at the 2nd Hong Kong Games
  • Coach of Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited Badminton Team

Current coaching

  • St. Mark's School Badminton Team
  • ECF Saint Too Canaan College Badminton Team
  • Precious Blood Secondary School Badminton Team

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